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Volkswagen Beetle

Ah, the VW Beetle! That's quite a story. I believe everything began sat on the rear back of my grandfather's car, when I saw the "arrows" going up and down to show to the others cars the way we will go. It's still one of the rare car that makes my head turn in the street, moreover, nothing but the typical noise of the engine, there's one passing under my windows...

It's always difficult to make choice so much the quantity of informations on Internet is considerable. It's the case for the VW Beetle that has been constructed at more than twenty-one millions copies throughout the world. I've own myself two Beetle when I was younger: a beige one and a green one, both 1300 type of 1969. One of the last Beetle my grandfather bought (the latter have had three), was also a 1300 type, of grey color, but dated 1967.

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